YES!!! I'M BACK ^_^

What's up! What's up?!

Finally I’m back! I don’t know what had happened, I’ve been soooo preoccupied for a more than a year lol

So busy with too much Korean Dramas (like I can’t live without my KDramas lol), my work schedule sucks that I can only have limited time to watch and browse the net.  Now I’ll try my very best to post all my travel last year, please bear with me J

No more excuses and less drama (Korean Dramas ^_^), let me continue my travel journal, enjoy reading and just leave any comment for questions, again I will try my very best to answer those questions and for those pending questions, sorry for the late reply.

For my comeback, my first entry would be recap of My 2016Travel (8 countries in a year).  And as I promise that I will continue to update this blog, will keep posting my other travel last year with family and friends, itineraries , reviews and tips will be posted too.

Thank you for visiting esorhaepiness.com

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